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  • Raptr Video Game Summary

    Back on 4 Jan I posted my 2013 gaming post. Raptr created their own graphics based post here. It’s pretty neat.

  • June 2011 Video Game Play Time

    Just one game this month, it’s been quite a busy month for me!     Mass Effect (8 hours) – This is a great game that I’d heard about for a long time, but never got around to playing.  A recent Steam sale made it cheap enough for me to give it a try and…

  • The “Look at Me” Culture

    I came to a disturbing realization the other day – I’ve come to feel that whatever isn’t online isn’t real.  This came about thanks to the Wii’s insanely stupid online policy.  Everything about playing online with the Wii is an exercise in frustrating the user.  Rather than always be connected to the net when the…