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  • Thanks for the RAM, Mom

    18 GB RAM on Bowser Thanks to mom, now I have 18 GB of triple RAM on Bowser. Incidentally, it’s the first time I’ve used the Task Manager in Window 10 and it’s really slick! I like it – it matches the look/feel/usability of the similar utilities in KDE’s Plasma 5.

  • SuperMario now has 3/4 of its possible RAM

    SuperMario now has 3/4 of its possible RAM

    While it’s generally not needed for a general purpose Linux computer, when editing large RAW files it helps to have lots of RAM. But the biggest reason I upgrade the RAMĀ  on SuperMario was that Crashplan requires about 1GB of RAM per 1TB being backed up. With me moving everything but gaming over to SuperMario,…

  • Mario gets a small upgrade

    When I first started playing with Linux I had a very crappy old computer; I think it was a 286. It was painful to try and do anything in Gnome or KDE, but it ended up making a pretty good server as it was the server that ran this site until late 2005 or early…