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  • December Video Game Report

    December Video Game Report

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown (15 hours): I wanted to finish XCOM: Enemy Unknown before 2015 was over and I succeeded. Despite being screwed over by scripting errors in the big “dungeons”, I had a lot of fun with the game. The ending was slightly anti-climactic, but then again, this game only had the barest of storylines.…

  • 2014 Video Games Report and Game of the Year

    2014 Video Games Report and Game of the Year

    This year I did not play as many new games as in previous years. I was deep in my graduate degree and most of my free time was during work travel. Since I don’t have a powerful laptop (and Steam on Linux was just taking off early on this year anyway), most of that time…

  • November Video Game Report

    Civilization V (1 hr) – Dan, Dave, and I didn’t play too much because life got in the way and then the GMR servers went offline. We hope to play some more in the following month. Poker Night 2 (30 minutes) – Testing out Steam’s internal streaming from Windows to Linux.

  • September Video Games

    September Video Games

    Poker Night 2 (3 hrs): Before going on my recent business trip I wanted to take  a small break from school work so I played PN2 the night before my trip. I reached the point where I’ve heard all the in-game dialogue so many times that I don’t even listen any more. I can generally…

  • Jan 2014 Video Game Report

    Poker Night 2 (8 hrs) – I find Poker Night 2 to be a bit harder than the original. Not sure if they upped the AI or changed anything about it, but I find it a lot harder to win Texas Hold ‘Em in PN2. Luckily, this game also includes Omaha Hold ‘Em and I…