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  • Garden Report 2018

    Garden Report 2018

    We’ve been growing plants and herbs at the house for a few years now (but not as many as I wish we had in retrospect). But, as far as I could find with a cursory search, I’d never done an end of summer summary of how the growing season went for us. I know there…

  • Our Tomato Plant (July 2015)

    Our Tomato Plant (July 2015)

    This year  

  • Photo Opportunities in your own backyard

    It’s easy to lust after photo opportunities elsewhere as I did in a recent post. But when you find that happening, just remember there’s a whole world in your backyard. If you live in an urban neighborhood like the protagonist of Pecker, you can focus on portraits and street photography – candid or otherwise. But…

  • Mid-July Photojojo

    Apparently my most interesting photos from this time last year were of my chilis and of Dina rock-climbing