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  • The Redwoods Trip

    The Redwoods Trip

    I’ve done a few travelogues on this blog (like the series covering my trip to the Grand Canyon) and I usually cover things chronologically. However, this time around I’m writing things about 3.5 months later. So rather than worry about covering things chronologically, I’m going to cover them by topic. Family Vacations We were visiting…

  • Pacific Northwest Trip Part 6

    Pacific Northwest Trip Part 6

    Scarlett had been obsessed with Mickey and the Beanstalk so I HAD to snap the photo that heads up this post. But there were also some interesting things going on at PDX as I made my way home:

  • Pacific Northwest Trip Part 5

    Pacific Northwest Trip Part 5

    The day after the wedding we headed out to Mount Hood. While I learned how to ski at the Sugar Mountains in North Carolina, I did most of my skiing at Mount Hood when we lived there. When we first moved up we went to Mt Hood in August and there was some snow there.…