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  • Skype Text Message are NOT Secure

    A little less than a month ago Ars had a story about Skype’s text messages being insecure. This is pretty devastating considering how many political activists are using Skype to stay secure from governments like China and Russia. The article doesn’t mention anything about the voice communications, but I would be a little cautious if […]

  • Replacing the File/Print Server

    A few years ago I heard about the Fit-PC. It was a computer that was the size of a stack of two or three CD jewel cases running Ubuntu. This was pretty cool, but, most importantly, it only used 15 watts of electricity when under highest load. At first I entertained using it to replace […]

  • Microsoft Walks Away from Hostile Takeover of Yahoo!

    If this story is accurate, then Micro$oft has withdrawn their offer to buy Yahoo!  This is great news because I love the guys at Yahoo and the programs they run, such as Flickr and delicious and I love the fact that they use FreeBSD for their servers.  You can bet that Microsoft wouldn’t have been […]