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  • A Tip for Reading Manga on the Kobo Clara HD

    Recently I got a bunch of manga through a Humble Bundle sale. Having read “authentic” style manga before, the Kobo Clara HD seemed to be about the right size to read manga without having to do any zooming. So, naturally I uploaded the .epub for the Kobo. It was HORRIBLE. It cut off part of […]

  • Review: Love Hina Vol 11

    Love Hina, Vol. 11 by Ken Akamatsu My rating: 2 of 5 stars I started reading this series 10 years ago. For whatever reason, I stopped a couple books short from the end. Last year I started re-reading them for a series over on Comic POW! ( http://www.comicpow.com/thread/unders… ) Overall, I’ve enjoyed the story almost […]