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  • Some photos from Scarlett’s Birthday Bash

  • Sam and his Maternal Grandmother

    Been taking lots of shots of the kids, but one finally came out nice! (edit: Ah, I figured it out, I can’t let the blog create resized versions of my giant files. To get the original size file (for printing) click here! It will look horrible in your web browser)

  • Top 200 Photos: #162

    When the Top 200 Photos started, my 200th most viewed photo had about 350 views. This one has 380, which is almost insane. After all – photo #162 is: Which is just another candid photo of Mai smiling – technically smirking. This time it was at the 4th of July BBQ

  • Top 200 Photos: #186

    Today’s Top 200 Photos. photo #186: Sometimes when I was at functions with Danielle’s family (especially before Dina and Daniel started dating (others, not each other)), I’d get bored because everyone was speaking all Vietnamese, so I’d just grab my camera and wander around taking candid shots. And I’d often get gems like this one.…

  • Landscapes and Loneliness

    A few days ago, Mai told me that photos of landscapes make her feel lonely.  That really caught me by surprise.  The usual response to photos such as the one above is one of awe.  People usually feel a new appreciation for nature and/or that spot.  And, sometimes, people express a desire to visit that…

  • Spotlight on Mai

    Continuing my spotlight series with Mai. People tend to really like my portraits of Mai, some of them are among my most viewed photos on flickr.