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  • KDE Look Part 6: 4 Months In

    I started using KDE in November of last year so I figured that I’d give an update on how things are working for me four months in.  First off, KDE 4.6.x has not yet hit the official Fedora repositories.  Since I like to yum upgrade or preupgrade from release to release, I try to stay […]

  • Developing my first plasmoid Part 1

    I have three main hobbies: photography, my webcomic and programming.  After spending a year working on my 365 Project, I’ve been taking a lot less photos as that part of my brain takes a break.  After working with Dan to get the story for INM worked out through May of this year and working on […]

  • KDE 4 is out!

    KDE 4.0 was released today!  After seeing screenshots like the ones I want to share with you, I can’t wait to try it.  Too bad Fedora won’t be including it until Fedora 9 in April. All of the following images were produced by/for KDE.org.  I’m just borrowing them for illustrative purposes. First of all, here’s […]