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  • Thoughts on Final Fantasy X

    note: this game came out ten years ago, so I’m going to speak about spoilers freely I finished Final Fantasy X a few weeks ago. I’d started playing it a long time ago, but the horrible voice acting grated on my nerves and I stopped playing. But, as I was making a list of games […]

  • Blog Review: Jeffrey Friedl’s Blog

    Jeffrey Friedl and I share a few similarities: we both are computer programmers, love photography, and enjoy blogging. Unlike me, however, Jeff is an expat living in Japan. Also unlike me, he has a great photo blog. Jeff documents his travels throughout the islands of Japan as well as his daily life in his blog.  […]

  • Mythbusters Japan

    This is from my brother, Dan, who went to Japan last summer. Hey all, I went walking with no apparent destination and, about 6-10 miles there and back later I found myself home and with impressions of Japan that I figured I’d share. Pretty much, I’m gonna take myths about Japan and debunk or support […]