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  • Review: A Storm of Swords

    Review: A Storm of Swords

    A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin My rating: 4 of 5 stars This book had a lot of great scenes – my favorite scenes from the TV show and more. (view spoiler)[I’m INCREDIBLY surprised that the TV show thus far has not incorporated resurrected Catlyn (hide spoiler)] This was where the two versions…

  • Strange Dream

    Last night I had a dream that combined Games of Thrones and Perl programming. Like it was in the GoT world, but we had to do some Perl programming to defeat the Lannisters.

  • Where’s the reciprocal nudity on Game of Thrones?

    Today’s post is facetious – I know the answer is that men and men’s desires control Hollywood. But, as I watch Game of Thrones, I end up seeing so many breasts and so much female pubic area that it just ends up making the ridiculous absence of penises pretty abundant. Especially in the scene in…

  • Politics: Illicit Acquisition of Game of Thrones in Australia and the Death of CISPA

    A bit of a news roundup for this week’s political post. Apparently, illicit acquisition of the Game of Thrones is making things awkward for the United States Ambassador to Australia.  He’s asking Australians to please stop getting the show off the Internet. After all, the US is quick to put (or threaten to put) other…