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  • Thoughts on Final Fantasy X

    note: this game came out ten years ago, so I’m going to speak about spoilers freely I finished Final Fantasy X a few weeks ago. I’d started playing it a long time ago, but the horrible voice acting grated on my nerves and I stopped playing. But, as I was making a list of games […]

  • Final Fantasy IX Completed

    I finally finished Final Fantasy IX.  Took me a little over 30 hours.  I didn’t do all the side quests, but that’s more of Dan’s thing.  The characters I played with the most ended up at about level 52 – if that tells you anything.  Except for a little bit when I was trying to […]

  • Final Fantasy 9: First Impressions

    After playing Final Fantasy 9 for a few days, here are my first impressions. the graphics are a little distracting – it’s kinda like an uncanny valley thing.  It’s not quite as nice as the new stuff, but better than the SNES graphics.  But there are a lot of closeups because it was state of […]

  • Final Fantasy 9: The Legacy Continues

    I have a lot of love for Squaresoft (well, now they’re SquareEnix), despite the fact that I’ve played relatively few of their games.  I think Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6 (originally released as Final Fantasy 3 in the US) are the pinnacle of their jRPG work.  I’ve also played Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy […]