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  • Some Photos from Dan’s Engagement Party

    Some Photos from Dan’s Engagement Party

    Well, everyone’s growing up. Dan’s the last to get married (the youngest three siblings don’t count because there’s too big a gap). Here are some photos from his engagement party.

  • Family Portrait Black and White

    I just couldn’t decide which version I liked best.

  • Family Portrait

    We’re hardly ever dressed up so nicely. So when we all got dressed up for Dan’s engagement party, I wanted to get a quick family portrait before we left. The pose wasn’t perfect due to the rush, and I’ll be elaborating a bit more on that in a future blog post, but I do like…

  • Top 200 Photos: #164

    Today’s Top 200 Photos. photo #164 is: Just like the reflection of love photos, this was born of a boring weekend in Maryland. Danielle wanted to try some photographic ideas. She was partially inspired by a photo shoot she’d recently seen with Quentin Tarantino, but when those photos didn’t really come through, we went for…

  • Top 200 Photos: #184

    Today’s entry in the Top 200 photos is photo #184: This photo was taken when I was taking one photo a day, but before I’d heard of the 365 project. So sometimes I’d be the subject and sometimes it would be squirrels, inanimate objects, or insects. I was going for the look and feel of…

  • Top 200 Photos #188

    Today’s Top 200 Photo. photo #188 is: I got my first digital camera over Christmas of my freshman year. It changed my photography forever. Since the photos were essentially free, I took my camera EVERYWHERE on campus. A lot of my photos, especially one of my favorite ones from my top 10, came from this…