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  • Yay, Dual Screen is back!!

    It turned out to be pretty easy. I used the nVidia tool to generate my xorg.conf and then just had to do a couple of tweaks. First off, since it was running as a non-privileged user, it wasn’t able to save to /etc/X11/xorg.conf. So I had to save it to my desktop. Then I had […]

  • Double-Plus-Good News on the Dual Screen and Compiz front!

    So, readers may remember that when I upgraded to Fedora Core 6, I lost dual screen abilities. Well, after today’s update of the nVidia drivers from livna, it suddenly was working again (after I tried to set it up). But then compiz no longer wanted to work! That frustrated me as I wanted to have […]

  • Compiz WORKS!

    All I had to add, apart from what I mentioned yesterday was: Load “extmod” to the Module section of xorg.conf. Although others have derided it, I think it is an AWESOME addition to Fedora. It really brings the desktop to the eye candy level of Mac’s OSX. A lot of the eye candy is also […]