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  • Top 200 Photos: #25

    Cornell once again for today’s Top 200 Photo photo #25 is: Once again, it’s the Pre-Dragon Day Runners previously featured here(link).

  • Top 200 Photos: #149

    Back to Cornell for today’s Top 200 Photos. photo #149 is: I’ve already spoken about Slope Day in a previous post. We have one other huge tradition at Cornell – Dragon Day. I’m not sure if there will be more Dragon Day photos (I’ve only captured up to photo #121 at this time), but I…

  • Dragon Day

    Architects ran through the engineering quad and in and out of bulidings screaming Today is Dragon Day. As you probably know from my earlier posts, this is a huge tradition at Cornell. It was started back in the 1800s as a Spring Prank by the greatest Cornell prankster of them all, Willard Straight, and continues…