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  • Screwed over by DRM AGAIN!

    Screwed over by DRM AGAIN!

    I will not be having a Star Wars day today on May the Fourth and it’s thanks to Digital Restrictions Management (DRM). For people who wonder why I often blog about DRM – this is why we need to fight it. I bought LEGO Star Wars five or more years ago. It was OK, but […]

  • WTF ADOBE?!?

    Adobe is doing some pretty despicable stuff – logging EVERY book (whether or not you are using Adobe Digital Editions) and sending it back to a server. (Here’s the guy who first discovered it). Why is this an issue? Because the books you read can be used to discriminate against you or, in some countries, […]

  • Microsoft and Sour Grapes with XBONE DRM

    In a lot of ways I really don’t care what happens in the video game console world. In the last 2-3 years I have rediscovered computer gaming. Actually, to be more accurate, game publishers have rediscovered computer gaming. I remember in my youth when the best of the best games came out for computers and […]

  • End Game Piracy: Open Source

    As 2008 has proven – draconian digital restrictions management (DRM) does not stop people from illicitly using computer games.  Spore, whose DRM was so bad they got ratings bombed on Amazon.com, was the most pirated game of 2008.  The DRM caused hassles for legitimate users and did nothing to stop illicit use.  This is always […]