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  • Yashica A (Developed July 2016) Part 2: Cherry Blossom Festival

    This is a short series I’m going to run here on the blog featuring photos from my most recently developed roll of medium format 120 film taken with my Yashica A twin reflex lens camera. I’m grouping photos together by subject. It’s interesting that after the photos I took at the park, I put the…

  • Family Portrait Black and White

    I just couldn’t decide which version I liked best.

  • Family Portrait

    We’re hardly ever dressed up so nicely. So when we all got dressed up for Dan’s engagement party, I wanted to get a quick family portrait before we left. The pose wasn’t perfect due to the rush, and I’ll be elaborating a bit more on that in a future blog post, but I do like…

  • Approximately a Year Later: Top 200 Photos #10

    Back when I compiled the Top 200 Photos feature, this was #10: and now it’s: which was not in the top 20 before, so it has really gained a lot of views.  That comes from the fact that it’s on Pixel-Peer as an example of that lens’ abilities.

  • Approximately a Year Later: Top 200 Photos #14

    The original #15 photo was: and now it’s: which has fallen from #10.  It may be one of the most dramatic changes in the lineup.

  • Top 200 Photos: #156

    Today’s Top 200 Photo. photo #156 is:     Which is weird because, at the time, it was my favorite photo of Danielle and she hated it.  And the weird thing is that, looking at it nearly 4 years later, I’m not as keen on it as I once was.  I can’t figure out what…

  • Top 200 Photos: #164

    Today’s Top 200 Photos. photo #164 is: Just like the reflection of love photos, this was born of a boring weekend in Maryland. Danielle wanted to try some photographic ideas. She was partially inspired by a photo shoot she’d recently seen with Quentin Tarantino, but when those photos didn’t really come through, we went for…

  • Top 200 Photos #188

    Today’s Top 200 Photo. photo #188 is: I got my first digital camera over Christmas of my freshman year. It changed my photography forever. Since the photos were essentially free, I took my camera EVERYWHERE on campus. A lot of my photos, especially one of my favorite ones from my top 10, came from this…