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  • New Dishes I cooked in Oct 2018

    New Dishes I cooked in Oct 2018

    Yeah, I’m a bit late to this, but I just finished up with my October photos.

  • Thunderbird Chicken Scratch

    Thunderbird Chicken Scratch

    Last time I was in Florida my mom took me to a specialty BBQ store, Just Grillin, off of Dale Mabry in Carrollwood. I didn’t know such places existed. I thought everyone just bought their grills at a hardware store, Amazon, or direct from the company. It was a pretty great to be able to…

  • Steakhouse Burgers

    Steakhouse Burgers

    Continuing my summer of learning to cook new dishes, I decided to tackle steakhouse burgers. I’d already mastered diner burgers, so I wanted to work on these. I didn’t follow Meathead’s directions 100% in that I didn’t create ground beef out of a nice cut of meat. But I did follow his recipe for using…

  • Alabama Birds with White Sauce

    Alabama Birds with White Sauce

    Part of the fun of being into BBQ has been trying new things. As I’ve mentioned before, when I was growing up “BBQ” was what we called grilling and it MOSTLY consisted of burgers and hot dogs. Very occasionally it would be something else. Lots of lighter fluid and mediocre results. But now I know…

  • Pizza on the Weber Kettle

    Pizza on the Weber Kettle

    In the past few years I’ve been moving away from seeing pizza as junk food towards seeing it as another food that is sometimes made with care, skill, and love and sometimes make in a hurry for a buck. I can’t remember the exact timeline and can’t be bothered to search for photo evidence, but…

  • Breaded Steak Success

    Breaded steak was probably my favorite Cuban food growing up. More than pork shoulder sandwiches and other things my mother made. I often helped her prepare it at home, but never got a chance to cook it as a kid. I’ve tried it a few times since growing up, but it’s hard to get the…

  • Cooking

    Back in May I came across an article on Boing Boing Titled “You Don’t Have a Moral Obligation to Cook“: I have found myself frustrated with Michael Pollan lately. In the course of promoting his new book about cooking, he’s taken to spouting some opinions that I’ll frankly call claptrap. He’s mocked women who felt…