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  • 2018 Pumpkin Patch Portraits

    2018 Pumpkin Patch Portraits

    Another year and the kids grow older. Last year was a disaster – the twins did NOT want their photos taken. We didn’t get any good portraits. This time everyone was game and we got good portraits – at least the first time around. When we reconvened a little later, the kids were over the…

  • Easter at the Farm

    Easter at the Farm

    This Easter we went to the farm so they kids could hunt for eggs there and then enjoy the farm. Unlike my childhood, Easter’s pretty cold up here as you can see. It’s pretty ridiculous to me, considering almost my entire childhood consisted of going to the local park. Stella’s been enjoying horseback riding for…

  • The Annual Pumpkin Patch Visit

    The Annual Pumpkin Patch Visit

    Recently we went to the pumpkin patch to get a couple pumpkins for the house and for Scarlett to have some fun at the farm. Here’s a gallery of my favorite photos from that visit and aftermath: