Tag: Chicago

  • Mid May Photojojo

    This photojojo photography time capsule consists of one Orioles game and then photos from the birthday trip to Chicago we took for my dad’s birthday.

  • Top 200 Photos: #134

    Once again to Chicago for this Top 200 Photo. photo #134 is: I now know this is a red-winged blackbird. At the time I just thought it was an awesome-looking bird that let me get really close to it for a photo. The most unsettling aspect of this photo is that the beak doesn’t hinge…

  • Top 200 Photos: #192

    A new city in this Top 200 Photos entry. photo #192 is: Danielle’s best friend was going to college in Chicago.  We’d never been to Chicago before, so we figured we could visit and see a new place and took off for a mini-vacation.  When we first got to Chicago, she had class or was…