Tag: Brighton Beach

  • Adding Art to the Mundane

    I saw this when I was doing a boardwalk run this summer. I’d been visiting Coney Island for nearly 20 years at this point, but the recent revitalization has been impressive to see. That includes ideas like this art that bring happiness and joy even when Nathan’s is closed.

  • Top 200 Photos: Photo #197

    And I continue to through my Top 200 most viewed photos on flickr. Photo #197 is:   Brighton Beach in Brooklyn is one of my homes-away-from-home. I’ve been going there to visit the family that became my in-laws for about 10 years. It was so exciting to find out that they lived so close to…

  • June 2010 Background Calendar

    A sunrise in Brighton Beach is the subject for June’s calendar.

  • A Daily Photo: Seagull on Snow

    The beach was covered with snow, but that didn’t seem to bother the seagulls. As I approached, they let me get really close and if I got closer they preferred to run rather than fly.

  • NYC Tet Trip Day 4

    ?This is part of my NYC Tet Travelogue. See part one here, part two here, and part three here. Unlike the previous entries, this one was written a week after the events, but it covers events from 14 Feb 2010. — For this trip, I had only three goals ahead of time.  (Actually, three is…

  • Photos from Brighton Beach’s Boardwalk

    A few weeks ago I took yet another stroll on Brighton Beach’s Boardwalk.  This famous boardwalk goes from Brighton Beach past Coney Island all the way to Seagate.  This time around I took some iconic photos from the area.  In other words, these are exactly the types of photos you would see included in any…