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  • Baby Birds in my BBQ Prep Table

    I thought I’d blogged before about the bird who made a nest in my BBQ prep station, but a couple quick searches didn’t find it. So the background is that this bird decided the best place to nest is at my BBQ prep station which has a couple shelves that basically look like a bird […]

  • Maryland Zoo Birds

    Maryland Zoo Birds

    I got pretty lucky to arrive as they had some neat birds out where you could get right up next to them. There were also some cool birds out in the bird sanctuary area.

  • Mid-October 2015 Zoo Visit

    Mid-October 2015 Zoo Visit

    For the first time in something like 3 years I took my Sigma 120-400mm lens to the zoo. I had intended to get some Firefox (Red Panda) photos and videos, but they weren’t there. That was also a bummer for Scarlett as seeing the Red Pandas was the reason she’d asked us to take her […]

  • Scarlett and Birds

    Don’t worry birds, I will feed you. Dad, feed the birds. -Scarlett speaking to the birds in the woods behind our house (and then to me) a couple weeks ago

  • Photo Opportunities in your own backyard

    It’s easy to lust after photo opportunities elsewhere as I did in a recent post. But when you find that happening, just remember there’s a whole world in your backyard. If you live in an urban neighborhood like the protagonist of Pecker, you can focus on portraits and street photography – candid or otherwise. But […]

  • Top 200 Photos: #80

    Today’s Top 200 Photo entry is for the birds photo #80 is: I love how impossibly large these beaks are. I also love how ridiculously colorful these birds are. The beak itself is about 3 different colors. Then the bird itself is another 3 different colors. I really like the depth of field effect in […]

  • Top 200 Photos: #136

    An avian photo for today’s Top 200 Photo. photo #136 is: I enjoy all the birds in my backyard, but nothing beats the thrill of identifying a new bird. It’s hard to get a good enough shot to be able to ID it because enough birds look similar enough that it can be hard for […]

  • Top 200 Photos: #168

    A bird in this Top 200 Photo. photo #168 is: This is one of my best bird photos both from a subject standpoint and a technical standpoint. Birds are exceptionally hard to photograph. All animals are hard as they’re more unpredictable than humans, but birds are exceptionally frantic. It’s probably partly because they have a […]

  • A Daily Photo: Blue Jay

    Another hard bird to photograph.  The blue jays are in my yard even less often than the cardinals.  And they run away at the slightest move by me.  But, once again, patience paid off.

  • A Daily Photo: Cold Birds

    Dealing with the snow by being inactive as possible.

  • A Daily Photo: Cardinal

    Ever since I put up the bird feeders (and even before that) I’ve been trying to get good shots of the cardinal.  With my Sigma 120-400mm and some patience I was finally able to succeed.  These guys are really skittish.  If I come outside when I see them, they run away.  So I need to […]

  • Bird Feeder Update

    It’s been nearly a month since I put up the bird feeders in our house and I have been enjoying them nearly every day since then.  In fact, the only negative has been the cost of bird food.  But, as my mother-in-law put it, I get the benefits of having birds without the hassle of […]

  • Bird Feeder

    Almost since we moved into our house we’ve been fascinated by the birds we have seen in our front and back yards.  Both the wife and I love birding in general and I love photographing birds.  So, after a bit of discussion we decided to get a bird feeder.  We ended up getting two of […]