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  • Top 200 Photos: #120

    Cardinalis cardinalis is featured in today’s Top 200 Photo. photo #120 is: Danielle and I love cardinals. We love how bright red they are, their “masks”, their mohawks, and the way they hop around on the ground. The funniest thing about cardinals is that they try to act tough with the smaller birds, but the…

  • Top 200 Photos: #134

    Once again to Chicago for this Top 200 Photo. photo #134 is: I now know this is a red-winged blackbird. At the time I just thought it was an awesome-looking bird that let me get really close to it for a photo. The most unsettling aspect of this photo is that the beak doesn’t hinge…

  • Top 200 Photos: #168

    A bird in this Top 200 Photo. photo #168 is: This is one of my best bird photos both from a subject standpoint and a technical standpoint. Birds are exceptionally hard to photograph. All animals are hard as they’re more unpredictable than humans, but birds are exceptionally frantic. It’s probably partly because they have a…

  • A Daily Photo: Busy Feeder

    It was busy at the bird feeders with all the new birds. This little guy was unable to find a spot to land. I don’t know what he didn’t like about the bottom peg.

  • A Daily Photo: Weathering Out the Storm

    In case you’ve been under a rock lately, Maryland, DC, and Virginia got rocked by a huge El Niño system over the weekend. It dumped over three feet of snow in my neighborhood and nearly three feet everywhere else. The birds weathered it pretty well. Well, it helps that I felt bad for them and…

  • A Daily Photo: Getting Dry

    Sometimes the simplest things in life give the best pleasure. I love watching animals do the things they do. I pass by this lake chock-full of geese every day on my way to work. They’re only there in the morning before they go out in search of food and whatever it is geese do during…

  • February Background Calendar

    Here’s the calendar for February.  Click on it to get the full size so you can make it your background.  (edit:  I noticed a bug in the way the calendar appeared and fixed it on 31 Jan 2010 so just download a new version, thanks!) For square screens: For wide screens:

  • A Daily Photo: Northern Mockingbird

    This Northern Mockingbird is one of the many birds in my yard.  I can’t quite pinpoint what it is about birds that fascinate Danielle and I, but we love to watch them cavorting around the yard and interacting with each other.

  • January Background Calendar

    I was reading Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography books when he suggested making a background calendar to get my photos out there.  A lot of people at work like to have these types of backgrounds and I follow another photographer/blogger that does the same.  Here’s my January 2010 calendar.  To make these your background, click on…

  • A Daily Photo: Blue Jay

    Another hard bird to photograph.  The blue jays are in my yard even less often than the cardinals.  And they run away at the slightest move by me.  But, once again, patience paid off.

  • A Daily Photo: Cold Birds

    Dealing with the snow by being inactive as possible.

  • A Daily Photo: Cardinal

    Ever since I put up the bird feeders (and even before that) I’ve been trying to get good shots of the cardinal.  With my Sigma 120-400mm and some patience I was finally able to succeed.  These guys are really skittish.  If I come outside when I see them, they run away.  So I need to…

  • Photo of the Day

    This is from last weekend.

  • Photo of the Day

  • Bird Feeder Update

    It’s been nearly a month since I put up the bird feeders in our house and I have been enjoying them nearly every day since then.  In fact, the only negative has been the cost of bird food.  But, as my mother-in-law put it, I get the benefits of having birds without the hassle of…