Tag: Beej’s Python Flickr API

  • It’s Back!

    A while back I unveiled a web utility for telling when it was time to move a photo from one flickr views group to another.  It got tons of hits.  Then I switched my server and it all stopped working.  Beej had gone to a new framework for traversing the XML and had some problems […]

  • More Flickr Hacking

    Over the last two days, between playing Portal and Age of Empires III (both of which are…awesome!), I’ve been doing a little more flickr hacking. This is very closely related to my previous Flickr program where I checked if my pictures were ready to be moved into the next views groups. This time I wanted […]

  • Hacking Flickr

    So, thanks to a problem I had with rigging up Nick in “Sugar“, I’ve temporarily lost interest in animation.  This happens to me all the time, and I think I’ve mentioned it before in previous blog posts that I’m too lazy to look up before that I tend to gain and lose interest in my […]