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  • Home Server Project Update 2: Goodbye Arch Linux

    Home Server Project Update 2: Goodbye Arch Linux

    As I documented before, I’ve had problems with Pogoplug and Arch Linux running my servers. Recently I’ve been having problems logging in via SSH on my updated Fedora computers. From what I can tell from a little research, it seems the old way of connecting had a flaw so updated SSH doesn’t want talk to […]

  • An Argument against a truly headless Server

    Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote about replacing my file and print server with a Pogoplug. Overall, it’s worked perfectly. I even made it my DNS server because the number of internet connected devices in my was growing so much and on some computers (like the laptop and netbook) I was constantly changing distros […]

  • Review: Chakra Linux

    I originally got interested in checking out the Chakra project because it was based on Arch Linux. As I mentioned before, the super customizability doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t have time for that – perhaps if Arch had existed when I was in high school or college I might have enjoyed it. What I […]

  • Review: Archbang Linux

    Two years ago I reviewed Arch Linux.  My conclusion at the time – great if you have to control every aspect of your system, but it’s not for me.  I later used it on my Pogo Plug to set up a file and print server and it definitely has its merits.  I know, generally speaking, […]

  • Replacing the File/Print Server

    A few years ago I heard about the Fit-PC. It was a computer that was the size of a stack of two or three CD jewel cases running Ubuntu. This was pretty cool, but, most importantly, it only used 15 watts of electricity when under highest load. At first I entertained using it to replace […]

  • PPAs Turning Ubuntu into Arch?

    A few years ago I started hearing about ppas everywhere.  More and more, I see developers telling people that if they want the latest of program X, they should load the developer’s ppa.  A ppa is a repository of software that is neither maintained by Canonical nor the Ubuntu community.  In some cases the software […]

  • Review: Arch Linux

    I’ve been wanting to try Arch Linux for quite some time now.  They seem to have a similar aesthetic to Gentoo in that the main mission of Arch is to build your operating system from the ground up.  You only add the things you need.  So you don’t have any cruft on your system based […]