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  • The Conclusion to “10 Little S’mores”

    Part three, freshly posted just two days ago and here it is for you to see the exciting conclusion to “10 Little S’mores”. 10 Little S’mores Part 3 of 3 on Vimeo

  • Part 2 of 3 of “10 Little S’mores”

    I know you’ve been waiting in anticipation to see part two. That is, unless you went to vimeo and watched it already. 10 Little S’mores (Part 2 of 3) on Vimeo

  • 10 Little S’mores (Part 1 of 3)

    On the same principle as I presented yesterday, I thought I would embed part one of my brother’s Sims 2-based machinima, 10 Little S’mores, so that, instead of having to go to Some Sort of Productions, my readers could watch it from the comfort of my blog. Please enjoy this great, funny little movie from…

  • “10 Little S’mores” Part 2 is up!

    What I referred to as Dave’s S’mores night video is actually entitled “10 Little S’mores” and he’ll be fixing the title on Vimeo soon. (It’s my fault, as I uploaded the clips for him) Enjoy part two at: 10 Little S’mores Part 2.

  • My younger brother David’s masterpiece

    David has created a wonderful new bit of machinima entitled S’mores Night Movie. It was originally intended as an inside joke between friends. He, with his girlfriend Tamlin as the screenwriter, put together a 35 minute movie incorporating different episodes of what has happened with their friends into a remake of “10 Little Indians”. I…