Vivaldi on Windows Part 2 (plus a teeny bit about Vivaldi on Linux)

I’ve been using Vivaldi as my default browser for about a week now. As I said in the penultimate paragraph of the post where I mentioned exploring various browsers, I don’t really use my browser on Windows for much more than uploading YouTube videos. And I mentioned last time that it wasn’t the best setup when squished to a half 1080p Window while trying to upload YouTube videos with the tabs on the right. I also had to close the bar on the left. Here’s what that looks like:

Kind of makes the tab previews a bit useless and hard to see what’s going on. However, in the comments to my YouTube video about Vivaldi on Windows, someone mentioned the F2 shortcut. Here’s what that looks like:

Now, that is a lot more useful than even Chrome or Firefox with lots of tabs open where you can’t text anymore because it has been compressed beyond useful. So far I’m really liking Vivaldi. I also have had occasion to download something with the browser and I like the download tab better than what’s in either Chrome or Firefox.


On a whim yesterday I installed Vivaldi on my Linux (Fedora 32) Laptop. It’s a refurbished Dell I got a few years ago. Firefox takes ages to start up on that laptop, but Vivaldi is up in a snap! If that behavior keeps up, I’ll definitely be making Vivaldi my default on the laptop.