Top 200 Photos: #7

A cross between religion and a school project

photo is:
Pope John Mole IV

This is Pope John Mole IV. Back in High School, many moons ago, we had to make stuffed moles when we were learning about moles in Chemistry. They had to be creative, usually revolving around work play with the word mole. This was mine. The idea was completely mine. But my mom actually made it. All throughout elementary school she used to make my science project boards (while I did the actual work). I think this mole she made for me in HS was the last time she helped me with my homework. It’s kinda nostalgia-inducing to think of it that way. While we lived in the apartment, it was on the bookshelf along with a bunch of other knickknacks we had all over the bookshelves.

While I’m happy with the creativity that went into my creation of Pope John Mole IV, it’s somewhat annoying to have it score so highly among all my photos just because it’s HUGE in the Google search results when the time comes in the school year. I wonder how many students have copied my idea. Each year it gains a few hundred views from Google. Oh well…