Top 200 Photos: #6

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Maxwell's Equations

I got this shirt when I went to visit MIT in 2000. We were on a visit of universities along the East Coast so I could decide where I wanted to apply. I guess it also functioned as the same thing for my brothers because I don’t remember them going on separate college visit trips.

I liked the shirt because it was quirky and had equations on it and mixed with religion. It wasn’t until my Sophomore year at Cornell that I found out these were Maxwell’s Equations. It was such as awesome epiphany when I realized the equations we were studying in class were on my shirt. Since most engineering exams at Cornell were either open book or allowed cheat sheets, I used to wear the shirt during exams as a little joke. It wouldn’t actually have been practical because I would have wasted too much time reading it upside-down. And it was on my front, so it didn’t help my fellow students either. I love this shirt, but it became ridden with holes after all these years and it had to go.

The equations show how electricity and magnetism are related.