Top 200 Photos: #155

Here is today’s Top 200 Photo

photo #155 is:

Crazy Cowboy Anime


Ever since I moved to Baltimore, I’ve been in the city during Otakon, the annual anime convention. The first couple of times it was a complete accident. For the the past two years I’ve looked up the dates ahead of time and made sure to be there to take some photos. I haven’t yet bought a ticket, but almost all of them tend to spend some time outside and everyone’s amenable to photos. After all, they’ve spent as much as the entire last year working on their costumes in some. I usually have a great time enjoying all the awesome costumes and they usually do pretty well views-wise on flickr. So I know there are at least two more Otakon photos on the Top 200 Photos.

I haven’t been involved in anime since university, so I usually don’t recognize the costumes. People also make costumes related to video games, but I am usually in the dark about those as well since I tend to buy them years after they come out. So I have no idea what anime or video game this girl is dressing up as. Considering how scantily clad she is, I’m surprised that, as of the time I am writing this, it only has 397 views. That is quite low for flickr. HOWEVER, I do find it quite disrespectful that there are two guys you can see in my photo who are taking photos of her from behind. (Her butt was essentially leaking out the bottom) Just because she’s chosen to dress in a provocative manner, it doesn’t mean she’s not someone you should respect by photographing her from behind without her permission.

3 responses to “Top 200 Photos: #155”

  1. I go with the stripper rules. As long as no one touches her, then it’s ok. Especially if she dresses like that with her ass pouring out.