The Jargon File

Think flickr is addictive? Spend hours perusing Wikipedia? Then you better stay away from The Jargon File, a reference to geek terms maintained by hacking demigod Eric Raymond. You can easily spend HOURS learning the meaning behind words in geekspeek or (even more fun) reading about the background BEHIND these terms. Eric Raymond, the major […]

Reasons you shouldn’t use Linux

My wife asked me a poignant question a couple of weeks ago, “If Linux is SOOO awesome, why don’t you stop using Windows?” I told her that I couldn’t play civ4. “I thought you said it was ready for use and equal to Windows,” she continued. And I realized, there are probably some others who […]

How I came to be involved with Linux

I used to think Windows was so amazing. I thought it was at least 20 times better than Macintosh. Not only is their interface so obtuse, they don’t really have any programs other than video, audio, and photographic production. Windows was awesome and Bill Gates was a near genius. Those were the days! I remember […]

25 Years after MS-DOS….

Another reason why Linux will take over the world. 25 Years After DOS: Lessons Learned for Linux by Walter V. Koenning for the OPINION/EDITORIAL section. NOTICE: Our other recent OP/ED postings include: Microsoft’s Approach May Isolate U.S. Permanently Open Source VS Windows: Reality of a Better Paradigm Microsoft Corporation is preparing a gallant pageant […]

Linux never ceases to amaze…

You may or may not know this, depending upon how technologically inclined you are, but you can buy ROMs of the old classic arcade games like Ms Pacman, Arkanoid, Spaced Invader, and much more. (You can also download them off of limewire or kazaa, but that’s illegal if you don’t own the arcade machines) Then […]

More OS-Tan Info

I was left wondering about these OS-Tans. Here’s some extra information I picked up: To see some of the comics translated go to: to see a little movie that parodies the beginning of an anime go to: Decriptions from, This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material […]