new computer built

It only took me about 4 hours. Most of it was spent doing tedious things like trying to get the motherboard screws to align with the motherboard and getting the dagnabbin’ default motherboard I/O template and the new one in. So to replace my 1.5 Ghz 1 GB RAM dell that died, I now have a 3 Ghz 2 GB Ram Eric Mesa computer. Really my only complaint in the whole process is that the Asus motherboard holes didn’t line up with the Aspire X-Navigator Holes so it’s not as securely fastened as I would have liked.

Total cost of new parts $600. So for the price of a POS Emachine with probably 512 Ram and 2 Ghz processor, I have a way better computer. I installed the evil Windows on my computer as that was the whole reason for buying it. (I already have a brand new Linux box that works just fine) Without the $100 Windows tax, it would have only cost me $500. Of course I did recycle my $100 Hard Drive that I originally bought for recovery purposes with my Dell, my $150 nVidea graphics card, $60 DVD drive and $60 DVD+-R. So the total cost of the system is $970. Not bad for something that would have cost a few grand at Alienware. I bought all my parts from and here is what I put into my new computer:

Asus P4P800-E Deluxe Motherboard with onboard 8 channel sound baby!

Intel P4 3 Ghz 800 Mhz FSB

Rosewill 2 x 1 GB RAM sticks

Aspire X-Navigator ATX Case (which is extremely quiet even though it has 5 fans!)

in addition to the above-mentioned recycled parts. The OEM version of Windows XP only cost $98.99 compared to the regular $150.

Tomorrow, once I get everything setup, I’ll have pictures of the setup process.


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