The Name Change

One of the biggest trends over the last few years has been customization. People customize their cellphones, myspace pages, websites and computers. Via the popuplar widgets system on the Mac OSX, SuperKaramba for KDE, and gDesklets in Gnome, people customize their desktops to make them unique to their vision. Even Microsoft has jumped on the […]

Having trouble understanding the open source movement? Just think of fruit!

Tristan Rhodes has come up with a great analysis of Open Source vs Proprietary software by using fruit. It’s on the same par as Neal Stephenson using the car metaphor to describe Windows, Mac, and Linux. Here are some of the key arguments that I loved. Mabolosoft is a company that sells seedless fruit. They […]

Windows Tax – you don’t need to pay it anymore!

Dell has introduced (or, if it’s been around for a while, it was just recently brought to public attention) the nSeries Desktops. These are computers that have no installed operating system – so you don’t have to pay for windows. It comes with a Freedos disk. So you can install Linux, *BSD, or whatever you […]

More Updates on the Novell and Microsoft Deal

Eben Moglen, a lawyer for the Free Software Foundation, remarks that the new deal may violate Section 7 of the GPL! So now you see that the stakes in the GPLv3 talks are very high! The GPLv2 may indeed be our saviour against Microsoft’s tyranies, but more on that momentarily! Mr. Moglen specifically comments: “If […]

10 Reasons to use Linux instead of Windows….

Borys Musielak, has published an article on on his top ten reasons why Linux should be used instead of Windows. I have just finished part one, which is what the previous link goes to. Although he claims that he is purposely being biased against Windows, he’s actually quite fair towards Windows. For example: What’s […]