10 Reasons to use Linux instead of Windows….

Borys Musielak, has published an article on polishlinux.org on his top ten reasons why Linux should be used instead of Windows. I have just finished part one, which is what the previous link goes to. Although he claims that he is purposely being biased against Windows, he’s actually quite fair towards Windows. For example:

What’s the difference between the security policy of Microsoft compared to GNU/Linux and even better, BSD systems? It’s the defaults, idiot! Technologically, both systems can provide a similar level of security, actually. The difference is that most GNU/Linux distros make it much easier to have a secure OS by providing reasonable default settings, usually secure enough for home computer users.

Unlike most others who just give a blanket statement that Linux is more secure than Windows, he actually gives that Windows can be as secure as Linux, when properly configured.

He also gives a really good explanation and tutorial on Window Managers and the usefulness of having Virtual Desktops. For those who came from Unix with virtual terminals, it was obvious what to do with these. But for me, it wasn’t immediately obvious why Virtual Desktops were such a boon.

For anyone who’s curious, I definitely recomend it!