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  • Creating Nice-Looking Buttons in QML on KDE

    Back in October I created a GUI for my Python amortization table program.  One of the things I lamented was that the buttons in QML look like crap.  I want my buttons to look like buttons, not blue patches no a white screen.  I don’t really know what made me look, but yesterday (during the […]

  • My Second Ever Useful GUI Program

    A while ago I wrote about my first ever useful GUI program.  And in one of the series of posts that followed I explained that the reason I hadn’t made a useful GUI program before now is because all the typical stuff has already been made over and over.  We don’t need any more tetris […]

  • Developing My First Plasmoid: The QML Code

    Back in February I posted the code to the data engine I developed for my plastmoid.  At the time I’d wanted to clean up my plasmoid before posting it on here, however, I’ve become stuck on a key feature so I was hoping that maybe by posting the code I could get some help.  (As […]

  • Developing my first plasmoid part 3

    I did it!  I have created my first ever useful GUI program.  After all these years of thinking that all the useful GUIs had already been invented – I found an itch to scratch.  And here’s how the final, working version looks: And so there it is!  I was actually surprised that this last little […]

  • Developing my first plamoid Part 2

    OK, so it’s been a year since I last blogged about working on this program.  I tried working on the data engine in August and then got stuck right around the time I started my first semester of grad school so I had to drop it, even though it got stuck in my head and […]