New Surrender is a return to Anberlin’s best qualities

I just got Anberlin’s latest album, “New Surrender”.  I was pretty lukewarm about “Cities” and Danielle just about hated it.  We both loved “Blueprints for the Black Market” and “Never Take Friendship Personal”.  This album is a return to the sounds and lyrics of those first two albums.  I loved it upon first listen.  Danielle summed it up best, “It’s like their first two albums, but more mature.”  I’ve only started listening to it for the second time, so I’m still picking up the lyrics.  What I’ve heard so far continues their tradition of poetic lyrics that take a few listens to fully appreciate.  If you’ve been on the fence about this album after hearing “Cities”, definitely get “New Surrender”.  If you liked “Cities” and hated the first two albums, you probably won’t like “New Surrender”.

One response to “New Surrender is a return to Anberlin’s best qualities”

  1. Man, I personally love this band. I really hope they stop a Denny’s near me on this tour for one of those afterparties