Play the web? Testing out additional functionality in Songbird

One of the killer features of Songbird is that when you view web pages with MP3s, it presents a very easy way for you to download the songs.  I noticed on my home page that there were a few free MP3s available for download, so I decided to test this out.

I went to the Birdhouse because that seemed to be the way to type in an address to go to.

songbird for downloading music step 1

Then I put in the URL for and logged in.  BAM!  The interface changed to the following:

songbird for downloading music step 2

As you can see, all of the tracks listed as “free MP3” are now listed in the bottom pane with a “download” button after it.  Then all I had to do was click on the download button.  It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Step 1:  Open Songbird

Step 2:  Navigate to web page with links to MP3s

Step 3:  Download them

By default the songs are downloaded to the My Music folder.  I changed that to a “Songbird” folder so I could easily find them and put them into the folder structure I use “Artist->Album”.

Awesome job on that front!  Many kudos to the Songbird Dev team.

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