2019 Concert #4: Anberlin with I The Mighty

My fourth concert of 2019 was also the first one in which I had someone else go with me as Danielle went to her first concert of 2019. It was fun to have someone to share the experience with, especially her. Anberlin was the first band I introduced her to that she also came to like. Many of their albums were bonding moments for us from dating through our married life.

Just like that last time Anberlin was in town, they played at The Fillmore and just like last time they basically sold out the venue. We got there as the concert was starting and the entire first floor was packed and on the second floor there was only standing room left.

I The Mighty was a good match for Anberlin, sonically. Apparently they met at the same Warped Tour I attended in 2014 and decided to tour together for this Anberlin reunion tour. I enjoyed nearly all the songs they played and have considered going on Spotify or Amazon Music to see which of their albums has the most music I’d like so that I can buy it.

Danielle and I had seen Anberlin on their final tour, also a great concert. But they had an album to go along with that tour, Lowborn, and so the set was heavily weighted towards that album and their later albums. Those are also the ones we liked the least. We were definitely more into the first half of their discography with a few songs we enjoyed on the later albums. This tour, being a reunion tour, had a much more balanced set list, making it a much more enjoyable concert for us. In fact, in my head, it appeared they played slightly more of their older songs than their newer songs.

Stephen Christian still has an amazing singing voice, exemplified when he did an acoustic version of The Unwinding Cable Car. It was electric in The Fillmore, demonstrating the power of live music and why a great band can make a concert so much better than an album, with its precise engineering (which I also LOVE, it’s just a very different feeling!). Also, probably thanks to social media, he learned there was a couple in the audience who met at a record store buying Anberlin and then got married. So the band played a song for the couple to slow dance to.

As of right now, this is probably going to be my penultimate concert for 2019 (based on future concerts I want to attend) and the money spent was DEFINITELY worth it. (Even if it did make me wish Anberlin would put together a new album)