Crowd Funding Update 6

I Fight Dragons – Project Atma (music): They were awesome at Warped Tour – I can’t wait until they go on the Projecet Atma tour. Manufacturing delays at the vinyl plant meant that the album was delayed. Still don’t have it – should be in my hands in December.

Jonathan Coulton, Greg Pak, and others – Code Monkey Save World (music and comics): Still missing the new music and The Princess Who Saved Herself. To be fair, the latter wasn’t promised until early 2015.

Branwyn – Cyborg Like Me (book): Got the book and loved it. (Removing from future updates)

Random Encounter – Let Me Tell You A Story (music): Got album and stickers. No more rewards due to me. (Removing from future updates)

Pre-Order Beebs and Her Money Makers New Album and Documentary (video/music): Got the album and really enjoyed it! (Also enjoyed her set at Warped Tour) The only glitch – WATERFALLS was a wav instead of an mp3 file. Easy to convert. No biggie. (Removing from future updates)

Augie and the Green Knight (book): A children’s book I got for Scarlett. Written by the writer of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and illustrated by Boulet, I got it for the same reason I wanted The Princess Who Saved Herself, the main character is a strong female who solves the problems on her own. Important for my daughter to see. Also great since my daughter loves to be read to. Potentially will be the third project I’ve backed to actually come out on time. (After Let Me Tell You a Story and The Wurst Album Ever)

So far I’ve done a good job of picking Kickstarters that don’t run out of steam. My main metric – have they made stuff on their own before? So far I’d kickstart any of these creators again. IFD seems to have learned key lessons in what to do and what not to do in the future. I doubt JoCo will let things fall through on his. Everyone else was very good about being on-time.