Crowd Funding Update 5

I Fight Dragons – Project Atma (music): Things are on track with IFD. They are posting awesome videos of the recording process. It’s already March so as long as there aren’t any more delays, the album will be here in a few short months! Also, they’ll be on the Van’s Warped Tour, so I’ll be attending Warped Tour for the first time to go see them (and quite a few other bands I really like)

Jonathan Coulton, Greg Pak, and others – Code Monkey Save World (music and comics): Got the book and all the digital copies of the book. Overall it was a fun read and well worth the money. The acoustic versions of the songs have been released. I’m wondering what’s holding up the rest of the music. My only guess is that JoCo is re-recording them with his new backing band. Also, I can’t wait for the book of The Princess Who Saved Herself. Ever since delivering the book they’ve gone silent. I like my crowd-funding chatty. It’s fun to know what’s going on and helps alleviate the impatience.

Branwyn – Cyborg Like Me (book): Recently got an email that he’s nearly done with the writing. Book should be sent out by the end of this month or the next, at least that’s my impression. Works fine for me – I don’t really have time to read for fun right now with my Master’s classes.

Random Encounter – Let Me Tell You A Story (music): I THINK I either got or will get some stickers. I can’t remember.
Pre-Order Beebs and Her Money Makers New Album and Documentary (video/music): I first saw Beebs  and Her Money Makers last fall when they were on Five Iron Frenzy and Reel Big Fish’s tour. I really liked her set and the EP she was selling. So, by chance, I was home on Monday and saw on Twitter that she was using crowd funding to fund her new album, make a documentary, and ALSO be at the Vans Warped Tour. AWESOME! So I threw a few bucks her way to get the album. I was surprised to find out the Indiegogo has been around longer than Kickstarter since Kickstarter’s getting all the headlines. Perhaps it’s because Indiegogo is a little more annoying because they do their own credit card processing rather than let me use Amazon (had to go dig out the credit card). Or maybe it’s because the backed gets the money whether or not they get all of it – which could mean even less of a chance of getting your object than on Kickstarter? Dunno. Either way, it was interesting. So with Beebs I’m going with the same rationale as I Fight Dragons – they’re an indie band and they’ve put out their own albums before. On this album they’re even working with a Reel Big Fish producer. So I’m pretty confident we’ll get the album. Documentary is bonus and somehow I think they’ll probably be on Warped Tour no matter what. It’s hard to tell for sure based on the wording of the campaign, but if they’re looking to finish the album before the Warped Tour, that means I could end up getting the album at the same time or even earlier than IFD. Win!