Kickstarter Update 3

I’m writing this in late August – by the time this post appears I should have received all of my Kickstarter goods or they should be in the mail. Interestingly, even though the Kickstarter backer cycles were spread over about a three month period, they’re all supposed to be delivering the product at around the same time – 4th quarter of this year. As of the time of this writing, this is the status of my Kickstarters:

I Fight Dragons – Project Atma (music): They are recording the album. By contributing daily to a blog about the effort, I still feel a part of the process in a way that most artists don’t often reveal. I’m extremely excited to hear the album.

Jonathan Coulton, Greg Pak, and others – Code Monkey Save World (music and comics): Yesterday they showed us some colored pages from the first issue. It looks awesome. Unfortunately, something about the Comixology process means we probably won’t get access until September, but the good thing is that as restitution we’re all getting a comic that was originally only for backers at a higher level. The colored pages look awesome and I can’t wait to read it. I’ll be posting about it over at Comic POW!

Branwyn – Cyborg Like Me (book): He had a sample PDF with a few articles from this book. It sounded exciting and I can’t wait to read it.

Random Encounter – Let Me Tell You A Story (music) – This is the last project I backed, but it is the one with the soonest predicted delivery – September! (Sure, we get the first issue of Code Monkey in Sept, but not the whole thing) They were recommended by I Fight Dragons on their blog and I liked their personality based on the backer video. I’ll be very interested to see what the album sounds like.