Argh! Fedora 8 upgrade dependency check continues…

It’s still right at the end of that little progress bar. The HDD activity light on my compute continues so I’m hoping it’s not frozen, but just working on figuring out the dependencies on all of my packages. I’m going to give it until I get home today and maybe until I go to bed. After that I’ll have to rethink things – perhaps uninstalling those non-Fedora packages…. q:o(

2 responses to “Argh! Fedora 8 upgrade dependency check continues…”

  1. I just gave up: 15 hours of dependency resolving – I killed it and tried text mode: 9 hours.
    Fedora is impossible to upgrade.
    This is the end of this distribution for me – this does not make sense. I’ll do a data backup and will never ever install Fedora again.

  2. I don’t blame you. You may want to check out my yum upgrade post. If you’re truly through with Fedora, I’ve upgraded Ubuntu about 2-3 times with absolutely no problems. I’d check them out. (Same story with Debian)