Fluid Sim (Part 2)

Back to Basics – Fluid Simulation (Part 2) from djotaku on Vimeo

Copied verbatim from my vimeo page:

I tried another fluid simulation. I still have a few things to learn.

1) It appears that inertia caused the water to fly out of the cup – I did move it relatively quickly. How can I lift the glass of water without causing all the water to shoot out.
2) Why is the water black when it hits the table? I had that issue in the first simulation and it also appears to be the case in the tutorial I followed the first time around. However, this is obviously non-realistic. I really intend to investigate this.


3 responses to “Fluid Sim (Part 2)”

  1. OK, you have officially blown me away on Blender skills. If I worked for years, I couldn’t catch up with you, now.

    Why is the water black? Speaking as the world’s biggest Blender idiot, I have no idea, but I might hazard a guess towards textures and the way they interact with the light.

    Or maybe it’s a Frank Zappa thing…

    Oh, alright, it’s a reference to the song titled “Let’s Make the Water Turn Black” from the “We’re Only in it for the Money” album.

  2. Good thing you explained the reference because I never would have gotten it. Some people have suggested it has something to do with shadows and the way Blender is interpreting them, I’m not sure….

  3. Your comment made me recheck blenderartists.org where I had no had any luck for a week or two and someone had posted the answer. It will be posted on here along with a shot soon. Well, as soon as it finishes rendering. The solution causes the render to take orders of magnitude longer than it did before. It is definitely not a setting you want on until you get to the end and are ready for the final render.

    As far as my skills surpassing yours; I think only technically. I am still not at your level in terms of modeling skill.