First Pass at Nov 2007 11 Second Club

11 Second Club - Second Pass

11 Second Club – Nov 2007 – first pass from djotaku on Vimeo.
This is my first pass. I’ve gone through and animated nearly everything for the character on the right (mancandy) except the lip sync. To see it in full HD awesome quality, follow the link containing the video’s title right under the video.

I’ve just finished up my second pass. I finished up Mancandy’s animation and did the arm/hand animation on lil guy. I think it’s coming along very well for my first attempt at something like this. I’m going to set it to render tonight at respower and I hope to find all or most of the frames to be done by the time I get up tomorrow.

After that I have to work on lil guy’s head and eyes before finally starting work on the lip sync. Finally I’ll have clean up work on the animation and then fixing the camera. The 11 Second Club only allows 4:3 video, not widescreen video. With luck I’ll be mostly done by the end of this weekend.