Gas and Republicans

I think it’s now pretty obviously true what people were suggesting in the month before elections. All of a sudden, gas, whose high prices had been a thorn in the side of the Republicans, took a dive in price. The truth (no conspiracy) is that Republicans are in bed with Big Oil. Bush and others own oil companies or are on their boards and stuff like that. The conspiracy was that the gas companies were helping them out by lowering prices. (They could afford to with the huge profits they were raking in that summer)

So right before the elections, the Shell gas station on MD-174 & Parke West Drive was $2.06/gal. Then after the elections it went up to $2.09. No conspiracy there, gas prices are always going up and down. But today I could hold my tongue no longer; it wasn’t even a month after the elections and gas at that same gas station was $2.23/gal. What reason is there for gas to be up than the fact that the gas companies were purposely holding it down for the Republicans? It’s not the summer driving season, so what gives? For most of the US it’s not even cold enough to be using up a lot of heating oil and natural gas for homes. I think this puts the nail in the coffin of the theory.

One response to “Gas and Republicans”

  1. …Or it could be that the holidays are around and everyone and their mother is traveling. If it stays that way after Christmas, then you can blame the republicans. =)