A Truce!

According to many sources, including BBC News, an audio tape purported to be from Bin Laden calls for a “long-lasting truce” between the US and the terrorists. He also claims that we have been safe in the US only because they have been focusing all of their attacks on Iraq. BBC didn’t mention this, but according to a Fox News broadcast, we should believe his truce because he is forbidden to lie since he is a Muslim. As compelling as that logic is, the US is not biting. Personally, I wouldn’t either.

As far as not attacking the US because they are focused on Iraq, I think it’s only partially true, if it’s true at all. In fact, I’m inclined to believe the converse of that argument. (if I remember my terms correctly) They are focused on Iraq because they are not attacking America. In other words, it’s orders of magnitude easier to attack and be successful in Iraq, so if you want to make your movement seem successful, it’s the place to have operations. Therefore, they aren’t trying to attack the US because it’s much harder to do any be successful. Of course it’s not impossible. Although we have become a lot better at keeping them out, we still have lots of people illegally crossing into the US via Mexico. Of course, most of these are Mexicans, but there isn’t much to stop al Qaeda from trying it, especially because Muslims can look very similar to Hispanics. Of course, they wouldn’t look like Mexicans, but they could pretend to be Colombians or something.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the upcoming months.