Big Brother wears Mickey Mouse Ears?

Went to Disney a few days ago with my family and found out that Disney is not quite the innocent little park it once was. I never quite felt the same about the park after 11 Sept 2001 when they began checking bags, but this time it was even more invasive. In order to enter the park I had to insert my ticket and then be digitally fingerprinted. Why did I have to be fingerprinted? To tie the ticket to me. In addition to the fact that it had my name printed on it, it now had my fingerprints attached to it. Now, I can’t really think of too many nefarious things Disney can do with my prints, but it was just really weird. Are that many people having their tickets stolen?

Perhaps what was going on was that people were buying the Park Hopper passes and then a whole family would visit Disney two people at a time. It’s the only real reason I can see for the moves. That or perhaps the cost of the blacklight ink for getting back into the park was sky-rocketing. Either way I didn’t like it and it tainted my experience.

Although my younger self would never had believed me, Disney is boring as an adult and the fingerprinting just added to the gloom. It’s not so much that Disney is boring as the fact that it’s not entertaining enough for the $60 price tag. It was a little too much money to see some animatronic pirates. The best ride for me continued to be the Haunted House.