less than a week left now…

By this time next week I will have been married for around six hours. We would have been married under God and with all of my relatives as our witness. We would have had some fun, albeit muted fun, at my reception. If things to go plan, we would have been at our wedding night hotel for about two hours now. In about six and one half we’d have to start getting ready to fly to New York. And twelve hours from this time next week, I should be in New York City, resting or helping get things ready for the New York Wedding. Of course, I’ll volunteer to help, but often times in their culture, this is women’s work to be done. That’s fine with me, I’d certainly try for a nap if I could get one because even we were sleeping at this time next week, we’d still only have six hours of sleep after running around all day. Wedding days are notorious for using up not only all the energy you have, but also your energy reserves. Hopefully I can sleep on the plane to New York, but I don’t usually have good luck sleeping on planes. I have to make sure to find my travel pillow before I go.

I’m really excited. I’m not showing it outwardly because that’s not how I am when I’m excited about things in the future. I usually save that kind of reaction for the day-of. But I’m excited; especially because my fiancee is coming down this Monday. I haven’t seen her since Memorial Day – it’s the longest time we’ve been apart since Freshman year summer. (or maybe one of the winter breaks…Soph) So, we’re missing each other. It’s directly responsible for my lack of sleep. If she were here, I’d be able to go to sleep earlier because I’d see her all afternoon and evening and that would be enough. Right now we usually don’t get to talk until around 9:30pm and I’m supposed to be sleeping by 10p if I want a chance at a decent night’s sleep. Needless to say, that hasn’t been happening. However, once she’s here I see us getting a lot more sleep because we won’t have to stay up just to talk to each other. Plus we’ll have Saturdays and Sundays seeing each other all day long.

Well, I need to get to sleep myself because, unlike most of the other posts which I just scheduled to come on at midnight, I’m actually writing this one at midnight and I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow to help my dad finalize the house for the wedding reception.