I wish I had faster computers….

I started upgrading my laptop from Fedora Core 3 to Fedora Core 4 today. After 9 hours it STILL wasn’t done. This is because I was installing it on a P3 600 Mhz computer. Hopefully I’ll get to play with it a little tomorrow. If not, I’ve got all the time after the wedding to play with and explore this sucker. Plus, the way people are complaining about different issues on the Fedora List-serves, it’s apparent that waiting a few days probably wouldn’t be such a bad idea as it will give the teams some time to patch up whatever software isn’t working quite right.

I haven’t attempted to put it on my “main” Linux computer just yet. This is because this computer uses the ndiswrapper package to connect wirelessly to the internet. That package depends on a specially patched kernel which I had to download from the ndiswrapper site. Until they come up with a Fedora Core 4 patched kernel, I don’t think I’m going to be able to upgrade this computer. Also, since I use it more often it will probably be best to get the kinks out of the system with the laptop and then apply that knowledge to this computer.

Hopefully by the time Fedora Core 6 is coming out I’ll have been able to afford a better computer to have Linux on. I doubt I’ll be able to have my ULTIMATE COMPUTER just yet. That may have to wait a little longer as I put it off for more important things like buying a house. Plus, I’d rather have the camera I lust after than a faster computer since this one meets my needs. I mean, once I really start working and the wedding is over, I doubt I’ll have too much free time to be messing around with computers. Like it or not, I think the stereotype about the computer geek not having a sex life must be true because most wives will not tolerate too many nights of said geek sitting in front of the computer and giving it more attention than her. Don’t know how husbands of computer geeks would take it since female computer geeks, while a growing population, are still a very small percentage – at least if you base it off of the guy:girl ratio I saw in my Computer Science classes at Cornell.

Speaking of Cornell, I don’t miss it one bit. All I miss are my friends (who I didn’t see that often to begin with) and my fiancee which I will be seeing quite a lot of in about 15 days.

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  1. You son of a… You’re getting married? AND I WASN’T INVITED TO THE WEDDING? That’s it! From now on, all of my movie scripts are going to Speilberg! 😛