Googling Myself

I haven’t Googled myself in a while, so I decided to see what would come up with my first and last name. What a paper trail I’ve left since the last time I was here.

Item number 2 on page 1 was a link to my book at, the self-publishing company.

Items 3 and 4 were links to my ICQ page (I had forgotten about that!)

Item 6 went to my webpage on

Item 8 was a question I had asked on the Octave List-serve

I wasn’t found on page 2 and was about to give up, but went on to page 3.

Item 4 was a like to the “family tree” of Phi Sigma Pi’s Beta Nu Chapter, of which I was a member at Cornell

Item ten on page 3 was a powerpoint presentation from the same fraternity.

The lulu book came up again for some reason on page 11.

On page 12 they used my name to try and get others from the Class of 2005 to donate money to the university.

At page 29 I gave up because most people probably wouldn’t go that far down anyway.


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